Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Match Stick Rocket Part 2!


Some successes... some not to much!  Here is one of the successes!

Ms. M

Match Stick Rocket

Today students in Room 8 watched the video below and started to create their own 'match stick rocket'.  Students worked in pairs and followed the instructions.  Finished creations were left overnight to dry and tomorrow they will be ignited!  Videos to follow!!!

Dear kitten.....

Well, not really.  Cuddles with real kittens!!

Thanks so much to Tayla and her mum Paula for bringing in these gorgeous wee bundles for us to play with and snuggle!!  Just wonderful!!

Ms. M



Vortex Cannon

Craig (Mr. Maybee) came in on Monday and showed us the vortex cannon.  It can create an 'air ring' that can travel across the classroom and knock over cans!  Craig filled the school one with smoke so we could see the rings of air.  Very cool!

Ms. M


Here are some examples in 'real life'.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dear Puppy

A carry on from the 'Dear kitten' post as some students decided to write from the point of view of an older dog to a puppy.
Image result for puppy cartoon gif
Ms. M

Dear smol pupper
Seeing as the smol juvenile dog you are, I feel it is in me that I should take up the role of passing on the knowledge of home wisdom so you can be safe here.
This giant habitat you would name new is home but it is still full of dangers - the colossal pink beasts that wander around we call the "hoo-mans".  The large ones are the lords of this land, they give us our food (such as dehydrated rock bits) and massage us (stomach rubbing, ear scratching etc.,) and other things.  They also provide water, sometimes there isn't much but in another room there is a massive water bowl that somehow never runs out.  Sometimes they go in, probably drink the water as well.  There are also small hoo-mans that run around making loud noises and they will try to attack you in weird ways.

Dear puppy
During the day often you will see a small ball of fluff known as "the cat".  Now you many find it very tempting to chase it and these creatures have been our dog rivals for many generations.  Trust me, don't even try to catch it for it has learnt and unknown dark, dark ability known as 'jump'.  What this move does is allow the cat to go high into the air and they don't come back down.  But I have reason to believe they go to a cat world unknown to us canines.  This world is known as the 'bench'.  It's weird.

Dear puppy
Image result for puppy cartoon gifMy next tip is the stale marbles that they give us.  They are sometimes flavourless and sometimes they taste like chicken or fish.  At the start of every light day they give us the stale marbles.  We have to eat them.  That's all we get.  At the end of every light day they give us the same thing - stale marbles.  2x a light day.

Dear puppy
My first piece of advice is in the household there are these fluffy balls that chase red dots all over the household called kittens if they are young ones or the elderly ones are called cats.  They are masters.  Don't let their cuteness and adorable-ness foot you.  They're enemies not friends!
P.S.  They are scared of the bark.  I will teach it to you over time.

Dear puppy
The best place to dig a hole and put your bone is at the back.  But don't put it under the big brown tall thing.  That's my area.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dear Kitten

For Expressive Journal today, we watched the gorgeous video below (recognise Morgan Freeman's voice?!) and wrote our own advice as a senior cat or dog, welcoming the new recruit to the household.  Here are our favourites below.

Ms. M

Dear kitten
As your elder it is my responsibility to guide you through your short meaningless existence in this prison.  First of all I must share my knowledge of the feedings.  Two times every day we get our food holders refilled.  We get given crusty poop-coloured shapes which taste of stale floor scrapings but it's the only morning food you get so suck it up.  I get first pick of food and I get any leftovers too.
Dear kitten
If you bring in moving presents they love them so much they dance around in joy.  They even throw them outside so I can do it over again.  Then I drop them on their pillow.

Dear kitten
Our food is pretty decent.  If you like drinking m-lick, well guess what?  We don't drink that here, sorry but instead we have water and we also have mini brown biscuits.  Or, if you're after something softer we have an assortment of meats with gravy.  They are so good that when the hoomars aren't looking I try to get more from their secret compartment of food.  Everytime I try to get the meat I fail because the meat is sealed in an indestructible shiny silver bunker that I can't penetrate.  The hoomars have some sort of kung foo fighting techniques.  Sometimes if we are good we even get some things called Temptations.

Dear kitten
Be warned of the dog.  It barks and chases you.  Don't play around with that big thing otherwise you might end up being the brown dehydrated circle.

Dear kitten
Some nights you may not sleep because the consumer will keep you up all night with its yelling, screaming, crying, popping and spewing.  So stay away from the consumer.  He will get you.

Dear kitten
Every so often there's a loud machine, hoovering up all my toys.  It sucks when it has taken my string ball!  Watch out!
Cat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Emily
Dear kitten
My first advice is to make sure when the big monster comes out, find a good hiding spot.  A good place is under the couch, if you can fit under it.  The monster will come and pick up stuff.  It's scary.
Dear kitten
The humans give me this thing called catnip.  It is something you eat and it makes you go crazy.  Stay away from it.  It's mine.

Dear kitten
My piece of advice is to watch out for the big square monster with a big trunk.  It will suck all your fur off your body.  When they bring it out, jump on the big round thing.

Dear kitten
If you're wondering what the ticking sound it, it is the coo-lok.  I don't quite know why the hu-man have them but whatever you do, don't walk under it.  It may fall on you.

Dear kitten
There is a bag that opens and round brown balls come out.  You can eat them.  There is this food that is in an amoured box that tastes better than anything you will ever eat.

Dear kitten
There's two types of things I know as food.  There are dehydrated brown niblets and also a sloppy wet food that is so special armoured metal casing.  After all these years I still don't know how they open.  It's like dark magic.

Dear kitten
If you ever see the young evil thing, don't go under the bed because it will find out.  If you ever see the young thing, keep by the curtain of invisibility.

Dear kitten
We have spots around this house.  My spots are over-rated for you. First, the underwear drawer, second every comfortable sunny spot.

Dear kitten
There's this thing called Bah-Baha-ye-be.  Okay, I don't know how to say it but it is sticky and gross and usually has an unattractive string of 'spit' crawling down its face.  But whatever you do NEVER let it touch your fur.  Seriously.  It slicked down the fur on my back and I was rubbing my back on the 'itchy pole' for weeks.

Dear kitten
My BED is where you can't go.  Let's just say it is out of bounds.  My bed is the baby's bum undies place but I have to watch out for the long fleshy arms that come in and grab the bum undies.  Where you can sleep is in the clean laundry clothes basket.  The fleshy people love that.

Dear kitten
Once a week these things that I call "humans" bring a va-cuum and push it all around the hosue.  It can and will eat anything in its way.  So go hide.  Which brings me to my next piece of advice.  The best places to hide are under the big soft thing in the middle of the lounge.  Also on top of it.  But since you can't jump you can stay under it.  Behind the long curtains of invisibility is also a great spot to escape the fast little humans.

Dear kitten
When they have been away for a long time, the humans bring back the heavenly FISH!!  I will share just to be nice but don't take too much or I will get you.

Dear kitten
Everything is not all fun and games!  There are two monsters; the larva fleshy thing and the va-koom.  The larva fleshy thing smells like milk and it will grab you and pull you back.  The other one is the va-koom.  It eats and roars at the same time.  I saw it eat a paper clip, ripped up paper and my string.  To escape you must climb or jump to what I like to call "up".  There are more than one "up", such as long soft one and big flat one.

Instructional Writing

This afternoon Room 8 students watched the video below without the sound on, to see how to fold plastic bag "samosas".  Once they had seen how to make one, they then gave it a go themselves.  The next step was to then have a go at writing instructions and then getting their partner to follow their instructions to see if they could make it.

We had a great afternoon on this activity!

Ms. M

Term Two

Hi all  
Here is a list of what is going on this term!

3 Way Conferences – Monday 8 May & Wednesday 10 May
Queens Birthday – Monday 5 June (school closed)
School Cross Country – Friday 16 June
Inter school Cross Country Relays – Friday 23 June
Interschool Cross Country – Friday 30 June
Principal’s Morning Tea – Wednesday 27 July
Last day of term – Friday 7 July

Our strategies for this term we will be focusing on are ‘questioning’ and ‘skimming and scanning’.  Students will be reading a variety of texts; novels, Journal articles, instructions and procedures.

Our genre are procedures, instructions, and explanations.  Students will learn about the specific features of these texts and practice writing them.  We are also going to do a food challenge through Maggi where the students will prepare balanced and nutritious meals that cost less than $20, can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and can feed a family of four, using a box of provided organic vegetables and base sauces.  The students will be writing up their recipes.  Stay tuned for this as we will need some parental assistance so our classroom doesn’t end up in a “MKR” battle zone!!  Keep June the 6th or 7th free for some creative cooking!  Let me know if you are keen to help out! 

We begin the term looking at multiplication and division with a big focus on knowing and learning our basic facts to apply these to more complicated problems.  Our last topic for the term will be statistics.

With the Science Fair in term three, this term we will focus on learning the scientific method and undertake a variety of experiments to become familiar with it.  I have also signed us up for a special Science kit which focuses on the science of hydration and includes two osmosis experiments and a technology challenge.  Students will all get a free drink bottle!  Science will also tie into our literacy programme; reading instructions/procedures and writing them.

We will begin the term looking at a variety of legends and their importance.  Students will learn about Maori technology and then about kai, finishing the term with the annual hangi to celebrate Matariki. 

For PE we will be looking at winter sport games, focusing on large ball skills.  We also have the cross country coming up so will be doing some running to get students ready.  They will have the option of running a ‘fun run’ or ‘championship run’.  You are welcome to join us to support your child.

Please see details below in regards to 3 Way Conferences taking place in week 2.  I encourage you to come along and see what your child has been doing and their goals for the year.  If these times do not suit, please contact me to arrange another day.  I will be contacting parents who do not make an appointment so we can meet at a time that suits you.

Take care


3 WAY CONFERENCES (8th and 10th May)
In the second week of term 2 we are conducting 3 Way Conferences (10 minutes duration) in your child’s classroom. The students, teacher and parent/caregiver meet to discuss progress to date, set learning goals and share other relevant information. We encourage your attendance. Teachers will make contact with you if you don’t make a request for a conference to arrange an alternative time. This process is a significant way of supporting your child’s learning and achievement. If caring for younger children is preventing you from attending we encourage you to bring them along if you are unable to organise alternative supervision.
NB that school will finish at 1:45pm on the Monday (normal time Wednesday), a form will go home start of term 2 so that you can advise the school if your child requires supervision on the 8th May.
We are booking interviews online through the School Interview website. This way gives more flexibility to choose a time that suits you and if you have more than one child it will be easier to get interview times closer together. You will also have the option to meet with any of our specialist staff, deputy principals or principal.
Bookings are now open at The event code is ‘cawuf’. Once logged in you enter your name, child’s name and email address. Then select the teacher/s that you wish to meet with and then select the time. When you have finished your interview timetable will be emailed to you. You can return to the site and change your interview whenever you want.

If you do not have access to a computer please feel free to contact the office and we will make a booking for you. School number 035477131 exon 700. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Leaders for 2017

Congrats to our house, class, sports and deputies for their selection for leadership positions for 2017!  We know you will make us very proud!

Ms. M

Get New Zealand writing!

Our postcards are finished and ready to go!  Thanks to all the students who helped with the class poster!  Awesome job!

This is what we received from Riverhead School in Auckland!

Keep an eye out for our next challenge from School Kit - it involves cooking!

Ms. M


Congrats "Rusty Wheelbarrows"! Top group for term one!  They earned a treat of chocolate milk, pikelets with jam and whipped cream, ginger kisses and Squiggle Tops!

Ms. M

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Science Roadshow

Today Fifeshire House visited the Science Roadshow in our school hall.  A variety of activities were placed around the hall for students to interact with and to learn about different scientific principles.  There were also some extension tasks for students to explain.  A demonstration with lots of experiments about different light rays was given by the 'specialists'!  The students really enjoyed their time.

Ms. M