Sunday, December 10, 2017

Inquiry - Careers

This term students have been leading their own learning about a career they are interested in.  This culminated in an expo on Wednesday in the middle block for students to share their learning. 

Ms. M


We have now finished structured swimming for the year with students learning what it is like to swim fully clothed!  Our lessons focused around survival skills and we finished off with a free session to have some fun.

Ms. M

Monday, November 27, 2017


To celebrate our year, Room 8 had their "Big Day Out" at Tahuna.  We walked down to the sports fields, played long ball and then went over to various places to get our lunch.  After that, we had an hour at the hydroslide where some students also got to go on the bumper boats.  We were all pretty tired going home.

A huge thank you to the whanau who helped out with the walk and supervision on the day.  I really appreciated your support.

Thanks to our birthday girl and her mum for the yummy brownie!  Happy birthday!

Hope you all sleep well tonight!!

Ms. M